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Welcome to SwanysHouse - the home of the Mojo!

Got Tube?
My buddy Gene Royal (Brutus) of www.theProfileBrotherHood.com
Welcome to SwanysHouse, the home of the Mojo! Glad you could stop by and see our site. SwanysHouse is a manufacturer of 3D performance profile kits. We like to refer to them as "slabs"... We here at SwanysHouse are committed to providing the finest in RC Model Aircraft kits. If you're into total performance, then you're looking for a profile and that's our specialty.

Maybe you're already into flying Profile 3d birds... Well if you are, and if you're pushing the envelope, I'm sure you've experienced the dreaded broken fuse. Old school profile model kits use foam or built up balsa wood in the fuselage construction. That kind of construction doesn't hold up too well to the aspiring Profile 3d pilot.. All it takes is one little nose dork and your fun is over for the day... The fuse staps like a twig....

At SwanysHouse, we've taken this problem into consideration. All our profiles are constructed with a fiberglass tube or rod in the fuselage construction. This rod goes all the way from the motor mount to the tail feathers. Our birds are tough and designed to take some serious abuse!! All that toughness and no weight sacrifice! We've designed 'em tough AND light, to give you what you need to push your 3d Profile experience to the limit!

So take a look around and check out some of the hottest designs for profiles!
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